Features & Benefits

The Flexitraxx system  is rapidly becoming recognized as
the most cost-effective method for creating complex
curves easily and accurately.

When compared to other Flexible track systems available on the market, the Flexitraxx Revolutionary Advance Building System stands out from its rivals. Wether it’s from the strong and accurate construction methods,to the beautiful accurate curves that can be achieved.
And quite simply there is nothing as good on the market in regards to its design.

Faster than other methods

By inserting screws or using a crimping tool through the side strap, you can quickly lock the track in place.

Flexible construction

Flexitraxx can be curved on the ground or over your head to form the desired shape you require with ease.

Save money on all jobs

Once the studs have been fitted and fixed to the track you are ready for sheeting – it’s fast & simple as that.

Any shape you want

Flexitraxx’s unique design ensures smooth curves by virtue of the manufactured precision-engineered crimple-link, which deforms evenly and progressively between segments so there are no flat spots through the entire curvature of the desired bend.

Turn ideas into reality…

Ceiling features, bulkheads, domes and curved partitions, can be created to suit standard steel and timber studs.

As you can see the applications are many and varied, allowing you to be creative with design, whilst keeping the construction costs to a minimum using this fast and accurate system.

This is a feature Flexitraxx has over its rivals, other products may require grinding, or cutting plywood templates, adding further bracing or hammering down each segment of the track just to keep it in its desired radius. This is a very time consuming and costly process that has to be repeated for each track with some applications not even possible.

With Flexitraxx none of these problems exist.  It’s as easy as inserting screws through the side strap or using a crimping tool once the track has been bent into shape.  This is a quick and easy process, now you are ready for sheeting.  It’s a simple as that.

Easy to use and transport, fast to build

Continuous flange-lacing strap that links the segments and provides unmatched tensile strength.

Only the side strap needs fixing when creating the desired curve.

Linking track together for long runs is also easy.

if you get it wrong, remove screw or rivet, etc. And start again.

Track can be screwed, riveted or crimped (personal choice!).

Only the side flange lacing strap needs fixing, when creating the desired radius or curve.

2 screws in both ends, 4 screws in total will hold an entire piece - 4 screws recommended until you’re sure it’s correct.

Once tracks have been fixed the Track can be picked up and moved if necessary and Flexitraxx will hold its desired curve.

You can then place a second piece of track on top to mirror image your first piece, just turn track upside down first, this is so its facing the right way to fit studs later.

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