Australian made, owned
and operated.


We manufacture Flexitraxx and ship them to distribution outlets throughout Australia for the convenience of obtaining the product quickly when required.

Our product range is focussed on 6 different size tracks, to suit both steel and timber studs.  It can be used in many different applications to create the ceiling features, bulkheads, domes and partitions you desire.

Plasterboard technology is consistently changing to accommodate new and unique designs with even tighter curves.  Presently Flexitraxx can out bend the tightest of curves for plasterboard sheeting available anywhere in the world.

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Faster than other methods

By inserting screws or using a crimping tool through the side strap, you can quickly lock the track in place.

Flexible construction

Flexitraxx can be curved on the ground or over your head to form the desired shape you require with ease.

Save money on all jobs

Once the studs have been fitted and fixed to the track you are ready for sheeting – it’s fast & simple as that.

Any shape you want

Flexitraxx’s unique design ensures smooth curves by virtue of the manufactured precision.

Versatile, time-saving and easy to use – Flexitraxx has so many applications, how can you use it?

Flexitraxx is available in six standard sizes:

x2.4m length


x2.4m length


x2.4m length


x2.4m length


x2.4m length


x2.4m length

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